- The organization aims at promoting the demand for the furtherance of social housing for the residential settlement of homeless citizens, who live as nomads, by placing especial emphasis to the problems that Rom citizens confront.

- This aim is achieved within the framework of a contemporary humanistic perception for social equality and the strengthening of the social rights of all citizens and especially the ones who live under conditions of marginalization and social exclusion, being deprived of fundamental social rights, such as housing, employment, education, access to heath, welfare and social services.

- The organization is an independent non-governmental Organization and operates as a citizens' initiative promoting voluntarism and social solidarity.

More specifically the goals of «Oikokoinonia» are ...

- The development of research for the detection, registration and systematic approach of the geographical locations and the typology of settlement of tent-dweller Rom and other groups of homeless people and the approach of "inhabiting" in the microenvironment of the intervention.

- The elaboration, scientific documentation and promotion of residential settlement models, within the frame of a complete propositional and holistic approach for the social inclusion, the safeguarding of equality in living conditions and the participation in social rights and goods.

- The cooperation with Local Administration Bodies so as to design and implement projects for the residential settlement and social support of Rom citizens and other groups of homeless people.

- The development of regional and international collaborations with State and Local Administration Bodies, organized Rom Associations and other non-governmental organizations who have aims and goals relative to the field that «OikoKoinonia» is activated, aiming at the establishment of communication and action networks.

- The development and diffusion of know-how in the issues that «OikoKoinonia» discourses by organizing educational and trainingseminars and the production of methodological and electronic tools for the dissemination of knowledge on the aforementioned issues.    

In order to succeed its goals, «OikoKoinonia» ...

- Promotes research and publishes the results by participating in conferences and other joint proceedings and forums.

- Brings forth its targets and activities in all regional and international organizations that can contribute to the promotion of the fundamental social request of «Oikokoinonia», i.e. the promotion of public housing of homeless people who live as nomads. • Joins in with foreign bodies, scientific centers or individuals and undertakes their representation in reece, as well as the promotion of projects and campaigns in Greece or abroad.

- Promotes the effort of acquiring financial recourses for the implementation of its goals by participating in European Union projects.

- Organizes exhibitions or screenings in Greece and abroad, promotes or sponsors publications, documentaries, television productions and publication of educational material.

- Cooperates with public or private bodies, with organizations and individuals in Greece and abroad. It mainly collaborates with bodies that promote development, activation and cooperation of the Local Administration Organizations on issues related to our goals.

- Exercises all legal means in order to achieve its goals and to implement its activities.

- Is surrounded by advisors, friends and supporters, who either as individuals or under any form of associations assist the organization’s activities.
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