Under the framework of promoting its goals, «OikoKoinonia»...

Intervened successfully in the cancellation of already taken decisions by Municipalities, concerning the abolition of services for the support of Rom citizens, addressing to the Prime Minister's Office, Ministries, to the Hellenic Cross-Municipal Network for the Support of Greek Rom, and the Hellenic Federation of Greek Rom Associations.

Intervened against the decision for the demolition of a Rom camp in Thessaloniki, by addressing to the Prime Minister's Office, the Hellenic cross-municipal Network for the Support of Greek Rom ("ROM Network") and Hellenic Federation of Greek Rom Associations.

Intervened against a decision of the Ministry of Labor, concerning the Local Employment Initiatives Program, terms of which bounded the Municipalities in selecting only one target group for their action plans, thus reducing the possibilities for projects for Rom to be drafted. The intervention was addressed to the competent bodies and to the Conference for the Social Inclusion of Rom citizens, organized by the "ROM Network", the Hellenic Unicef Committee and the Hellenic Union of Social Workers.

Was invited and participated to the 1st National Conference for Homelessness under the topic: "Right to housing: institutional consolidation and practices", organized by ARSIS -Organization for the Social Support of Youth, the European Federation of National Organizations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA), the European Observatory on Homelessness and the Program of Social Intervention of the Panteio University in Athens. During the Conference «OikoKoinonia» informed the representative of the European Observatory on the living conditions of the homeless Rom citizens in Greece and highlighted the need to register all tent-dwell Rom as homeless and therefore eligible for public housing

Was invited and participated in the 5th Conference of the ROM Network under the topic: "Policy Proposals for the social inclusion of Greek Rom", co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Panteio University and the Region of Attica.

Created an electronic library by collecting and organizing material on the issue of the social inclusion of Rom aiming at the creation of an electronic database.

Organized a Conference in co-operation with FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless), on the topic: "The Perspective of Social Residence in Greece. Looking for viable solutions... A critical approach of the new National Frame for the residential rehabilitation of the Greek Rom citizens". In order to ensure a broad representation, an organizational committee was formed, in which apart from the aforementioned organizations- the Rom Network, the Hellenic Federation of Associations for Greek Rom, ARSIS (Organization for the Social Support of Youth) and the Thessaloniki Bar Association participated. In the proceedings of the Conference also took part representatives from the European Observatory on Homelessness, the Greek Rom Federation of Macedonia & Thrace.

The aim of the Conference was the re-activation of a forum for dialogue and consent among the different parties of social dialogue: the Government, the Local Authorities, the Rom citizens through their representing bodies and the citizens active in the NGO field, in order to establish alliances between the public and social front:

a) through the promotion of institutional and legislative regulations and the provision of solutions for the implementation of the National Scheme for the residential rehabilitation of the homeless Rom, and
b) through organizing and disseminating the know-how for the planning of an integrated methodology for problem solving within the rational of social inclusion.

The proceedings of the Conference focused on the integrated planning for the residential rehabilitation and the social inclusion of Rom citizens, emphasizing on theoretical and methodological documentation and in connecting it with actions already taken and the current developments that could lead to the implementation of the National Scheme. During the Conference the moral basis of the social residence was illustrated, as well as the institutional and legislative basis of the issue, focusing on the special and numerous problems of Rom homeless in Greece.

«OikoKoinonia» supported three Municipalities (Chalastra, Axios and Chalkidona) in preparing and submitting proposals for the residential development and social inclusion of the Rom in the aforementioned Municipalities. The proposals supported by «OikoKoinonia» have been approved and their implementation has already begun.

Current action of «OikoKoinonia»:

Participates in two Developmental Collaborations, one in the area of Kalamaria (at the east end of Thessaloniki) and one on the wider western area of Thessaloniki, by implementing the following projects:

1. Organizing -supporting of social economy cooperative of the unemployed inhabitants (emphasizing on unemployed Rom).

2. Support to local social bodies and services on Rom issues. Production of methodological tools, educational material and personnel formation.

3. Production of sensitization material and conducting of information campaign to local social services, entitled: "Rom citizens in NW Thessaloniki, a positive glance for the mutual understanding and acceptance".

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